What's you going to make with that?

Welcome to my cooking webcast!  My goal is to work with you to create some interesting and unique cuisine through an interactive process.

The premise:  You submit up to 5 ingredients for me to cook with.  I will add a few of my own and together we will explore different techniques to create some great food.  I'll make a dish with the ingredients submitted, then it's up to you to try new methods, ideas or combination to build on the idea.  If yours is the best, you get a prize.  We will, of course, keep an on-line recipe blog for each ingredient set so you can prepare these masterpieces again in the future.

There are a couple of parameters that I will stipulate in order to keep us on the same page;
1.  All ingredients should be readily available.  In other words, your local mega-mart should have what you submit.  
2.  It will be assumed that you have a reasonably stocked pantry and frig in order to complete dishes.  I have included my list of what a well stocked kitchen will include.  
3.  Have fun, be willing to experiment and please write with your ideas, changes or improvements.

So, send me those ingredients and let's get this party started!